Catherine Lavelle Public Relations Pty Ltd Film & Television Public Relations: Purveyor of Profiles & Specialists in Script to Screen.

CLPR is one of Australia's leading film and television public relations consultants.

Specialising in taking productions from script to screen, the company's slate of current and recent productions includes: Blink TV and Beyond Entertainment's Midnight Oil: The Hardest Line which will open the 2024 Sydney Film FestivalEndemol Shine Australia's NCIS: Sydney, Congaline/Perpetual Entertainment's The Appleton Ladies' Potato Race, Beach Road Pictures' North Shore, HELIUM's Paper Dolls and Last King of the Cross, Matchbox's Class of '07, Screentime's The Claremont Murders and Underbelly: Vanishing Act, two seasons of Perpetual Entertainment (formerlyEQ Media Group)/Beyond Entertainment's Troppo, Bunya Productions' True Colours, and previously Endemol Shine Banks' RFDS, Seven Studios' Back To The Rafters, Easy Tiger's Doctor Doctor, the final season of Rake and the second season of Jack Irish Season 2, Bunya Productions' Mystery Road, Beyond Lonehand's Halifax: Retribution, Playmaker's Amazing Grace, ReckoningThe Commons, Love Child and The Code, Lingo's The Secrets She Keeps and Wake In Fright, Blackfella Films' Total Control, Deep Water, Mabo and Redfern Now,  Screentime's Informer 3838​, cloudstreet and Pine Gap, and Dead Lucky

CLPR also manages corporate public relations and the personal publicity requirements for a number of leading film and television identities, as well as tailoring media training packages for the emerging and the established. 

Established in 1992, Click Here to find out more about CLPR.

The Team

Catherine Lavelle

One of Australia’s leading film and television public relations consultants, Catherine Lavelle established CLPR in 1992.

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Tom Bertinshaw

An experienced senior executive, Tom has been a company director of Catherine Lavelle Public Relations Pty Ltd since its inception in 1992.

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Commencing with CLPR in 2015, Rex is responsible for office security and staff entertainment.

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