Upper Middle Bogan

Upper Middle Bogan is a new eight-part comedy series which tells the story of two families living at opposite ends of the freeway. Sensing she was different her whole life, Bess Denyar (Annie Maynard), a doctor with a highbrow mother, Margaret (Robyn Nevin), an architect husband, Danny (Patrick Brammall) and twin 13 year olds at a private school, finds out she is adopted and is stunned. Even more so when she meets her birth parents, Wayne (Glenn Robbins) and Julie Wheeler (Robyn Malcolm). If that’s not enough to digest, Bess also discovers she has siblings, Amber (Michala Banas), Kayne (Rhys Mitchell) and Brianna (Madeleine Jevic).

Heading up a drag racing team in the outer suburbs, Wayne and Julie are thrilled to be reunited with the daughter they thought they had lost. Bess is keen to get to know her new family, however fitting in doesn’t always come easily. Her sister is a tough nut to crack and there are misunderstandings aplenty. Navigating their way through the unknown is a challenge for all of these very entertaining individuals. A Gristmill Production for ABC TV. Executive Producers Robyn Butler, Wayne Hope, Geoff Porz and ABC TV Executive Producer Debbie Lee.

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