A high-flying financial analyst had it all ... before failing kidneys landed her at death’s door, and a transplant offered her a second chance.

Inspired by the man who saved her life, Frankie (Claire van der Boom) alters course to become a doctor herself, working and learning in the high stakes, high pressure world of the cardio-thoracic and renal wards of a major teaching hospital.

Along with her colleagues, Lou (Andrea Demetriades) and Tabb (Arka Das), Frankie must face the political, personal and professional realities of working at the coalface of an ailing medical system.

But for Frankie especially, a hospital can be a dangerous world. Though uniquely qualified to understand her patients, as a transplant recipient she is also vulnerable to infection, and her compassion for others may just endanger her own life.

Frankie's determination to succeed takes her on a rollercoaster ride from terror to triumph, from heartbreak to happiness, from fragility to strength. She’s driven to use her second chance to save others, but learns that’s not always possible, and when you can’t save the very person who saved you, sometimes the real gift is in letting go. 

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