Love Child Season 4

It’s 1972. The year of Whitlam and the grooves of funk, free education and immigration, and The Pill ... births, deaths, baby switches and an immaculate conception.

It has been eight months, and as I Am Woman blasts through the airwaves and the second wave of feminism crashes down through the newly revamped King’s Cross Hospital, Matron continues to run Stanton House with a steely 1950s ironclad fist.

With the enticements of change and a cultural revolution, it’s wild times, and a cracker night in the Cross. Amidst the flurry of Queen’s Birthday celebrations, Matron Frances Bolton (Mandy McElhinney) is taking great pleasure in overseeing the opening of a new Obstetrics wing where, despite being heavily pregnant, Dr Joan Millar (Jessica Marais) is already butting heads with the unorthodox new Head of Obstetrics, Dr Andrew Patterson (Dan Hamill) - a surf-loving Vietnam vet who has everyone in a spin.

Meanwhile, Martha (Miranda Tapsell), Viv (Sophie Hensser-Bloom) and Patty (Harriet Dyer) are trying to make the most of what the sexy 70s has to offer. Viv’s enjoying her work and her independence, Martha’s learning what it really means to be a doctor’s wife, and Patty is busy trying to put the mistakes of the past behind her. 

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