Alice & The Giant Emptiness

Alice & The Giant Emptiness is the story of a girl who finds herself socially outcast at school as a result of being labelled as ‘the poor kid’. Alice’s oversized, tattered uniform, worn shoes and old school bag are a daily source of embarrassment. When her toe breaks through her shoe on the way to school Alice tries her best to avoid being seen by her classmates. Eventually she is confronted by two tormentors who ridicule her in front of a crowd. This is Alice’s worst nightmare. In her imagination she sees the children’s harsh jibes emanating from their mouths as black and dangerous looking words – ‘loser’, ‘reject’, ‘ povo’.

As the bullies run off to school the words form a huge swirling cloud with a life of its own. It swoops upon Alice and pierces a large hole right through her body. Although startled she appears physically unharmed. Unsure of what to do she continues on to school. Alice’s difficult day only continues. Bad grades, disappointed teachers and a lack of friends are further reminders of how empty and alone she feels inside. She is not sure if anyone can see the large hole but just in case she does her best to conceal it.

Alice & The Giant Emptiness focuses on issues facing children from disadvantaged families. These problems are far-reaching and affect all areas of their lives including their social and educational development and their self-esteem. Alice & The Giant Emptiness attempts to capture how disadvantage affects a child emotionally by using some of the storytelling tools often found in fairy tales. These traditional stories have enormous power and impact and connect so many of us of different ages and nationalities. Symbols like mirrors, dark clouds and holes are simple and immediate in conveying certain ideas and emotions.

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