The first two productions of new entity Pavilion Entertainment & Finance are in advance stages of production.

Established six months ago with the primary objectiveto finance and produce feature documentaries, scripted features based on true stories and blue chip documentaries for television - Pavillion Entertainment & Finance was established by award winning producer Marcus Gillezeau (Storm Surfers 3D, Scorched).  In making the announcement Gillezeau said: “Through the establishment of Pavilion we are providing a single destination for creatives to finance, produce and rights manage their factual productions and projects.”  The first two productions are:

The feature documentary OWN THE SKY chronicling one man’s quest to design, build and fly the world’s first jetpack.  Filmed under a veil of secrecy over ten years, filmmaker Greg Read follows the epic story of 80 year old inventor Nelson Tyler, test pilot Bill Suitor and Australian entrepreneur David Mayman as they realise their dream - culminating in a spectacular jetpack flight around the Statue of Liberty. 

A Paper Bark Filmsproduction, directed by Greg Read (Like Minds), produced by Marcus Gillezeau and Ellenor Cox (Storm Surfers 3D), executive produced by Simon Nasht and financed by Pavilion, the film will receive Australian theatrical distribution through Screen Impact.  “Own the Sky is an epic, entertaining and historically important feature documentary,” said Gillezeau.  “The reveal of the jetpack with its maiden flight around the Statue of Liberty was both inspired and perilous, as a number of US government agencies had to be brought in on the secret to ensure the jetpack was not shot down by security agents!”

Also in production is the feature documentary MOTORKITE DREAMING which charts the physical and emotional journey of two intrepid adventurers and their support team, as they fly microlights 4000 kilometres across five deserts and 20 Aboriginal language nations of Australia.  Produced by John Cherry, directed by Charlie Hill-Smith and currently in post production utilising the resources of Spectrum Films, the feature documentary will be theatrically released by Screen Impact in June 2016 with a five part television series premiere on SBS2/NITV and Red Bull TV later in the year.  

“The project has grown substantially since we partnered with Pavilion,” said John Cherry.   “In his capacity as executive producer, Marcus has assisted with complex negotiations – and with investment in the production, Pavilion has also packaged the finance and is handling the international sales.”



Pavilion Entertainment & Finance provides executive producing, producing, investment in development and production, financing, cash flow and rights management of film, television and digital media projects utilising the expertise and resources of managing director Marcus Gillezeau, as well as the facilities of leading post production company Spectrum Films.


About MARCUS GILLEZEAU (Jill-ez-o)

Award winning producer Marcus Gillezeau is best known for the feature documentary Storm Surfers 3D and the television drama Scorched. Specialising in all-media development, production and delivery across all platforms, Marcus has built a reputation for being at the forefront of innovative financing, producing and distribution and is currently executive producer of the feature documentary Motorkite Dreaming, and producing the feature documentaries Own The Sky and The Living Universe. Having written, directed, produced and executive produced more than 80 hours of film and television that has screened around the world, Marcus is the recipient of some of the industries’ most prestigious awards including the AACTA Award - Best Feature Length Documentary for Storm Surfers 3D and an International Digital Emmy® Award, Best Fiction for Scorched. In both 2010 and 2012 he was honoured by the Screen Producers Australia as Best New Media and Interactive Producer of the Year.