Strictly Ballroom (1992)

STRICTLY BALLROOM is a romantic comedy about the dreams of youth, rebellion and ultimate fulfilment.  In a bold style that pays homage to the classic Hollywood dance films of the 1940s, it tells a story of love and conflict, of two young people fighting for artistic freedom against a repressive regime. When 21-year old ballroom champion, Scott Hastings, commits the cardinal sin of dancing his own steps and not those laid down by the all-powerful Dance Federation, retribution is swift.  He is dumped by his partner Liz, and his hopes of winning the Pan Pacific Grand Prix are dashed. All seems lost when out of the shadows emerges Fran, a beginner and the ugly duckling of the dance studio run by Scott’s parents.  Through sheer persistence she convinces Scott to give her a chance and an unlikely partnership is born.

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