Outback ER

An 8 x half hour observational documentary series, Outback ER sheds light on one of the most unique Emergency Departments in the country - that of the Broken Hill Base Hospital. The series highlights the important work the Emergency Response teams do in rural Australia - including the Broken Hill Base Hospital Emergency Department, the Ambulance Service of NSW and the Royal Flying Doctor Service. From snakebites and amputations, to farm accidents and heart attacks, every admission brings a new challenge.

Witnessing real human drama and meeting some extraordinary characters, Outback ER gives introduction to the diverse population of Broken Hill. This unforgiving desert landscape breeds a population of no nonsense locals who live hard and play hard – some will even wait a few days before getting a broken bone treated! The doctors and nurses deal with those who sometimes feel like they are bullet proof with locals often treating serious injuries as just a part of ‘life on the farm’.

With remoteness, a lack of resources and recruitment all major challenges at the Broken Hill Base Hospital, it takes a special kind of medical team to work in a place like this. With an extraordinary line up of staff hailing from all parts of Australia, the series features Dr Andrew Olesnicky, Dr Katy Ellenberger and Dr Sandy Clarke. In Broken Hill Base Hospital, one thing’s for sure - every day is different, every hour is different, and just when they think they’ve seen it all…!


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