Life On The Line

In a death-defying leap of faith, Todd Sampson puts the Laws of Physics to the test in this six x half-hour science documentary series.

A journey of scientific discovery, each episode Todd Sampson takes on a Law of Physics - culminating in an epic, death-defying experiment. Such is Todd’s faith in science that he will put his Life On The Line to prove that these Laws of Physics are true.

Separated into singular episodes filmed at different locations and requiring contrasting experimental environments, each of the Laws of Physics is tested. Todd’s faith in science, amidst the life-threatening risks of his experiments exposes the trump of adherence and possibility in the presence of practical impossibility. Despite being trialled on a human-sized test dummy with the exact dimensions as Todd, there are grave risks inherent within each episode. Todd’s numerous scientific endeavours reveal each risk, illustrating how Todd’s life truly is on the line.