In an age of plunder and greed, the richest gold strike in American history draws a throng of restless misfi ts to an outlaw settlement where everything — and everyone — has a price. Welcome to DEADWOOD...a hell of a place to make your fortune. From Executive Producer David Milch (NYPD Blue) comes DEADWOOD, a new drama series that focuses on the birth of an American frontier town and the ruthless power struggle that exists in its lawless boundaries. Set in the town of DEADWOOD, South Dakota the story begins two weeks after Custer’s defeat at Little Big Horn, combining fictional and real-life characters and events in an epic tale. Located in the Black Hills Indian Cession, the “town” of DEADWOOD is an illegal settlement, a violent and uncivilized outpost that attracts a colorful array of characters looking to get rich — from outlaws and entrepreneurs to ex-soldiers and racketeers, Chinese laborers, prostitutes, city dudes and gunfi ghters. Among the settlers are ex-lawman Seth Bullock, played by Timothy Olyphant (GO, GONE IN 60 SECONDS), the legendary gunfighter and scout Wild Bill Hickok, played by Keith Carradine (NASHVILLE, PRETTY BABY) and Machiavellian saloon owner Al Swearengen, played by Ian McShane (SEXY BEAST, WAR AND REMEMBRANCE). With its unfl inching realism, adult themes and wickedly inventive storylines, DEADWOOD is an intense drama that takes the elements of the traditional western and turns them upside down.


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