Carlotta (2013)

Based on the life of the iconic Les Girls headliner and Australian transsexual pioneer, Jessica Marais stars as Carlotta, one of the most beautiful women of her generation, but not a woman at all. The outstanding ensemble cast includes Caroline O’Connor, Alex Dimitriades, Anita Hegh, Eamon Farren, Andrew Lees, Gigi Edgley, Ryan Johnson, Socratis Otto, Genevieve Lemon, Damian de Montemas and Paul Capsis. A universal story about identity, family, tolerance and acceptance, Carlotta lays bare the life of a confused teenager named Richard, his flight into the hedonistic Kings Cross of the 60s and 70s, and his transformation into Carol. Despite the threat of criminal prosecution and social rejection, Carlotta emerges as the all conquering transsexual performer. Spanning forty years, Carlotta is an uplifting celebration of finding your place in the world and making your mark – against all odds. Written by David Hannam (Winners & Losers) with story consultation by Carlotta, Carlotta was directed by Samantha Lang (My Place, The Monkey’s Mask), and produced by Riccardo Pellizzeri (Underbelly: NZ, Siege, MDA, Blue Heelers) and Lara Radulovich (Wentworth), with the ABC’s Carole Sklan and Christopher Gist as executive producers. Developed by Pellizzeri, Radulovich and Hannam, Carlotta was produced by their production company Story Ark Productions. 

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