A Few Best Men

An outrageous comedy about a groom and his so called 'three best mates'. When David travels to Australia to marry the love of his life, his three best men give a whole new meaning to the phrase 'for better or worse'. The chaos-filled wedding is a classic culture clash between his friends and her family … because blood is thicker than water and so are David's mates!

A destination wedding gone totally wrong A Few Best Men was written by Dean Craig (Death at a Funeral, Off The Hook, Fresh, Caffeine) and produced by the team of Share Stallings (Death at a Funeral, Curious George 2, Curious George TV Series, The Reality Trap) and Laurence Malkin (Death at a Funeral, Five Fingers, Soul Assassin, Caffeine), Arclight Films’ Gary Hamilton (Salvation Boulevard, Romulus My Father, Merchant of Venice, The Bank Job), and Antonia Barnard (Burning Man, Last Ride, The Painted Veil). With a stellar international cast all saying ‘I do!’ A Few Best Men stars Xavier Samuel (Twilight: Eclipse, Bait, Anonymous, 2:37) as the hapless groom, with Elliott’s Easy Virtue star Kris Marshall (Death At A Funeral, Merchant of Venice, Love Actually), British stand up comedian and actor Kevin Bishop (The Kevin Bishop Show, Star Stories, Spanish Apartment, Food of Love) and Australian Tim Draxl (Tangle 2, The Shark Net, Traveling Light, Swimming Upstream) as his delinquent best men.

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