The internationally celebrated coming-of-age dramedy Blind is now available to watch for free on the Australian streaming platform Ozflix and in North America on SeekaTV, with the seven-parter rolling out later this year in the United Kingdom, Europe, South America, South Korea and Africa.

Having screened in fifteen festivals worldwide, Blind has received a slew of awards including Best of the Fest 2 and Best Writing at Baltimore Web Fest, Best Cinematography at the Seoul Web Fest, Best Sound Design at the Sicily Web Fest and Best Soundtrack Award at both the Tuscany Web Fest and Baltimore Web Fest, as well as the cast receiving Best Ensemble Cast at the Baltimore Web Fest. Notably Crystal Moran received Best Actress at the Seoul Web Fest and Matt Castley received the Best Supporting Actor Award at the Asia Web Awards.

Fuelled by drugs and love, a pack of wild and rambunctious teens party their way to an unclear future as their high threatens to come crashing down.Featuring rich characters, a unique narrative and strong cinematography, Blindmagnifies youth confronting collapsing ideals, rising from the debris anew, and looking confidently into the hangover dawn of adulthood.

Creator, writer, producerand executive producer James Cripps said: “Online is largely about fresh stories told in fresh ways using new technology to get in front of new audiences. Online is, by its very nature, constantly looking to the future.” 

Co-Founderand CEO of Ozflix Ron Brown said: "Our exclusive partnerships with the producers of eight never-before-seen web-series is a huge step towards building an audience with younger viewers, who prefer to watch this content on their mobile devices. Blind was the ideal series to launch into this market segment."

Blindfeatures a stellar cast of young and emerging talent including Ryan Light (Dave & Theo), Crystal Moran (The Shepherd and the Orb)Kurt Winter (Last Ark), Ellie Gall (Puberty Blues) and Matt Castley (Doctor Doctor).

The talented crew lead by James Cripps (whose credits include script editor and/or co-ordinator on dramas including Janet King seasons two and three, ANZAC Girls and both seasons of The Secret Daughter), Kurt Winter (Last Ark) as Executive Producer, Jessica Giacco (A Low Hum) as Producer, Andre Muller (Scratch) as Director and Sidat de Silva (Pandemic) as Cinematographer.

All seven episodes of Blind are currently available to watch for free on Ozflix in Australia and SeekaTV in North America.